We're so excited for our new menu to finally launch & there's something for everyone! Food served 7 days a week, 9am-3pm!

(served all day)

Berry Bali Bowl  - £7.50
Acai berries, homemade granola & fresh fruit (V, AGF)

Shiva The Destroyer  - £8.50
Crushed avo on Sourdough, with feta (AV, AGF)

Shiva Waffles  - £8.50
Stacked with acai berry compote, coconut yoghurt & homemade granola

Breakfast Muffin - £6.50
Made by Butchers Bakehouse Bakery, served with Cornish bacon & a freerange fried egg (DF, AGF)

Smoked Salmon Croissant - £7.50
With lemon & dill cream cheese & cracked black pepper

(served from 12pm)

Salt Beef Bagel - £8.50
Served with all the good stuff; melted cheese, mustard & saurkraut (ADF, AGF)

Shiva Chana Bhaji - £9.50 
Chickpea curry served with coconut yoghurt & chapatti (V, AGF)

Truffle Mushroom Soup - £8.50
Served with a grilled sourdough cheese toastie served (AV)

Yogi Bowl - £9.50
All the goodness; avo, cherry tomatoes, quinoa, hummus &  falafals (V, GF)

St Agnes Bakery Sausage Rolls  - £4.00
Either ‘pork & cider’ or ‘ vegan tomato, onion & mustard’ (V)

Freshly Filled Sandwiches & Baguettes
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