Sports Massage ; a remedial treatment meaning 'giving or intended as a remedy or cure'.  
Manual manipulation combining a mixture of hands on sports massage techniques and addressing functional movement patterns. You do not need to be a sports person to receive this treatment! Whether you have an injury from fitness, poor postural habits or just want to keep yourself in a state of health - each treatment is completley tailored to you.

                                              YOGA THERAPY & AYURVEDA

You will experience a safe, nurturing and welcoming experience. Each session is tailored to YOU, making your experience unique. Whether you want to learn the basics of yoga or are interested in the healing benefits of practice, there is something for all to feel nourished by. You will arrive to a welcoming space, we’ll settle in with a herbal tea and a chat as we go through your consultation form. From this initial consultation the session will be tailored to your needs. Yogic remedies and techniques to guide, NURTURE and RESTORE will be shared with you throughout the session. There is not a ‘one-fix-all’ approach to healing so with this in mind the focus is to meet you, the clients needs and to personalise your experience. Yoga therapy gives the client a chance to discover their potential. To free themselves of mental, emotional and physical obstacles and challenges and a yoga therapist the opportunity to fully utilise the tools of yoga to help the individual with any suffering they may have. Unlike in a yoga class where the teacher has many bodies to look after they can structure a tailored healing sequence unique and personalised to that person. A person with injury or illness will get much more from a 1:1 therapy session than that of a group class as the session with a yoga therapist is synchronised to that ‘body’ in particular.  

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