FULL ROCKET WORKSHOP: £30  || Saturday 19th December

@ 12.30-3.30pm

Chloe will be guiding you through the full rocket sequence; an ashtanga based flow packed with fun transitions! A 2 hour workshop followed by a yummy lunch


If you're a total newbie and want to get stuck in then we're here to help. There's no such thing as "not being flexible enough" (which we hear all the time by the way)! No matter your age or fitness level, we want you feel confident enough by the end of the course to join in our regular timetabled classes.  
We'll take you through the basics; you'll learn about the fundamentals of yoga (breathe & movement).  Chloe will guide you through sun salutations and alignment of poses such as Downward Facing Dog. A lighthearted class, with plenty of laughs & no pressure.

£48 for the 6 week beginners course

4th August- 8th September:  FULLY BOOKED 
15th September - 20th October: FULLY BOOKED
3rd November - 8th December: FULLY BOOKED
4th November - 9th December : CANCELLED DUE TO LOCKDOWN
Tuesdays 5th January - 8th Feb (6.15pm): FULLY BOOKED
Wednesdays 6th January - 9th Feb (5.30pm): FULLY BOOKED
Tuesdays 23rd Feb - 30th March (6.15pm): BOOK NOW
Wednesdays 24th Feb - 31st March (5.30pm): BOOK NOW

HANDSTAND WORKSHOP: £30  || Saturday 9th January @ 12.30-3.30pm

Get upside down! Chloe will guide you through the fundamentals of inversions; working on a range of strength, flexibility and balance drills, followed by a yummy lunch.

SHOULDER ANATOMY WORKSHOP: £30 || Saturday 13th November @ 12.30-3.30pm

Join Chloe for a full breakdown of the shoulder joint & it's functionality; starting with a lecture regarding an anatomical review, biomechanics & stabilisation.  This will be followed by practical techniques and drills to ensure what you're practising (and perhaps teaching) is safe and strengthening for both you and your students. Followed by a yummy lunch!
A great workshop for teachers looking to continue their anatomical knowledge and professional development.

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